Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An ode to parenting

Dear Parents,

Ever wondered why your kids lie to you? You think they love hiding things from you. Why they must have surely 'considered' confiding in you.
So what stopped them?
a. A generation gap
b. They have other friends to tell
c. You prefer listening to third persons and outsiders
d. They are scared of your temper
e. You just won't understand

But wait...introspect those reasons one by one
a. Who created that gap?
b. Being an older acquaintance, didn't you as a parent have that chance to be that 'best friend'?
c. Pity the family that ruins its stove for an outsider
d. Are your kids responsible for your short fuse. It's a shame you 'scare' your own child.
e. What makes them judge your understanding capability?

Question how approachable you have been as a parent...some answers lie there too.

I have learnt so much about parenting from you. My kids won't face what I faced. I will give them better than what you gave me...especially temperamentally.
I hate your fights, they traumatise me, they shatter me. I will never fight with my spouse. I did consider staying unmarried once when I saw you guys fight. But that's not really a solution.
You treat me like a an your own whims and fancies. You want me to be what you could not. There is always a tussle between your wishes and mine. We share similar genes, yet we have such uncommon tastes.
You keep telling me to grow up. When would you...would you ever?

Your's lovingly,
Just 20

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very true....more than generation gap,confusion and conflict in their mind is can be an answer!Comparing their lives back in the 10th century when everything was different with ours now can be another also..!!!

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