Friday, December 3, 2010

Nailbiting, hiccups and all that jazz

I have a very bad habit of biting my nails. So does my mom, so does my grandma. I realise my mistake everytime it comes to opening something with my nails or every time I see how tiny and kiddish my fingers look without long nails. I make a resolution to never bite them again and then resume in my sleep (I guess). I tried growing my nails on a couple of occasions. They broke off quickly...too brittle. While mom blamed it on less calcium, friends thought I had not cut them in a proper shape that they could sustain themselves. I gave up.

I don't know if this happens with anyone else but when I laugh too much I get hiccups. The ones that don't go easily on gulping water. People cough, even choke while laughing and I get hiccups!
Old folklore claim that one gets hiccups when he/she is being missed. I do get mysterious hiccups...the ones that subside with water. 

I know people who touch their noses often during an elocution or sway to and fro while delivering a speech. I know people who are camera conscious and yet camera crazy. Each one of us on this planet is characterised by weird traits...weak stomachs, hunches, paunches, style of walking, posture and what nots!!

It's entertaining observing and identifying such traits....especially when life leaves you with no substantial work ;-)

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