Friday, December 24, 2010

Last day at work!

Last day at work...
Christmas cheer all around the place. And also the sadness of parting. True I won't be physically working at the Vikhroli office of NASSCOM Foundation, but the 5 week long journey has been really worthwhile =)
Experienced a fun filled yet serious corporate life and learnt a lot of new things. Experimented to the fullest with Photoshop and Premiere Pro...there is scope for more experimentation (which continues in semester 4). Media research came in handy being a major chunk of the work assigned to me. Yes... some expectations met, some not, but overall it was a great experience! I also got a chance to work and spend quality time with my family. Meeting up with old friends, experiencing the winter in Mumbai and enjoying home cooked food... Ahh!! life is gonna be sooo poles apart after January 2nd, 2010!
I wish to and I will continue my association with NASSCOM Foundation. It has been a helluva association!!
My colleagues

Sneha: Thanks for introducing me to Landmark and Mulund
Prashant Sir: For spearheading MyK and lending a listening ear to my ideas and giving me a chance to experiment with photos and social networking.
Manisha: All the best for your exams and yes, I will try the dal khichdi recipe someday
Delhi and Andheri office people who came and went: Thank you accepting me and acknowledging my work
Most importantly, Gouri Ma'am... it was your guiding inspiration that made the entire journey worthwhile. For being the most wonderful team leader and an encouraging boss.
Thanks a million guys! You have really taught me a lot! Looking forward to working again and again and again =)
Gonna miss these days...

Meanwhile, it's Christmas eve... and there is so much to eat! ;-)

P.s. I got a MyKartavya souvenir Tshirt from my organization as a parting gift =D

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Prashant said...

eh yes.. about the tshirt, you would be better off if you wash it in cold water with similar colors, no bleach, tumble dry low, and iron inside-out on a low setting.
Great having you in the team. Look forward to more of such collaborations..

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