Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kids today!!

They learn words easily...objects, colours.
I, being a single kid never experienced babies growing up. Its a different experience all together staying with a toddler. Weird sleep timings, weird food habits... Those sweet demands like "Let me brush your teeth" (he said bringing me his tiny toothbrush), "I want to sit here" (pointing to my lap), "take medicine, you got bubu na" (bubu = ailment), "you like peanuts, ill cook for you" (stirring them in a tiny bowl)...
Its fun chasing him with tiny cups of bournvita... have mama's, have papa's, have grandma's....
Changing diapers, powdering, bathing, feeding, putting to sleep, sitting a watching nursery rhymes, dancing...
But they are a lot more active than we are. They pick up toys fallen under cupboards, run around the house, don't feel cold while the others shiver... and if you ask them for a kissie, they give you a cute, loud one on your cheek.
I really wonder how he spots food easily, is curious about every object on the table and where did his fascination for cooking come from.
For now toilet training is on.

Can see glimpses of  "great future grandparents" in Mom and Dad ;-)

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