Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hospitals can be entertaining

I have seen patients giving up and dying in it's ICU, witnessed all kinds of tests, undergone many procedures for myself and mom and dad...all under this one roof! I visited the Godrej Hospital today. Had an appointment with the opthalmologist. Maybe a holiday at office made me choose Saturday. Many offices have holidays on Saturdays, the number of patients made this evident. The doctor who was a happy go lucky Parsee Bawa, supposingly turned out to be dad's friend (it's a small world :P). So I need new specs, got a new number, obviously higher than the previous one.

More than the doctor's visit, I found the wait interesting. Being the 19th patient at the opthalmologist meant a long waiting period. I met a senior from school. She did not recognise me at first. Long conversation on "what are you upto these days?" after a long awaited "Hi".
Then I met my PT teacher from school. He had come with his wife.
Next to me was a Punjabi lady and her husband, both i their sixties. We ended up talking and talking and my headphones lay jobless in my bag. We exchanged numbers and I got to learn a lot from her on old-age ailments etc. They seemed so much in love ;-)
Another teacher from my high school came along with her son. 
And we waited and waited... to see the same doctor.
I also met my Mom's dentist. I remember I had nicknamed her 'cavity' ;-)

The pediatric ward was just next to the doc's room. So many cute li'l kids!! Some had come for vaccinations, some for minor ailments. The pediatrician was again a senior from Udayachal, topper of Batch of 1982. There were infants too. Neatly wrapped up and sleeping coyly. Toddlers were running around the place. It was wonderful watching them :-)

There was a TV mounted on a stand nearby, it played a cricket match. The TV had its own set of admirers. And I love the hospital canteen, get good food there...juices, thalis, name it!!

If I ever practice medicine in the future, it would be is indeed an entertaining place with lots of memories ;-)

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