Monday, December 20, 2010

Hail Holy Mercury!

Winter heralds!

You can hear sniffling noses. The breeze playing with your hair gives cold kisses to your ears. Warm teas soothe your parched sore throat. Eating and eating, you wonder why the massive surge in appetite. You pamper your skin with moisturisers. Furnaces come alive. Wardrobes change from cotton to woolen. Shorter days, longer nights.

Seems  yesterday was the lowest dip in temperature in Mumbai (Santacruz). A shivery 14 degrees at night. The trend is expected to continue for a couple of days. Looks like the Northerlies are acting generous. Two years back, I used to travel forty minutes by train to St. Xavier's, boarding at 7am. A thick sweater and a shawl would not suffice as protection in a windy, nearly empty compartment. I still remember when the mercury levels dipped to 10 degrees at 7:30 am in December 2008. That I think was the coldest winter I ever witnessed in Mumbai. It lasted a good two - three months. Anything below 18 degrees is anyways defined as 'cold' to a Mumbaikar. Pune is a lot more colder. Will witness the freezing Deccan winters in January. The coastal ones are milder.

Well, whatever the thermometer may say...
T'is the season to be jolly! ;-)

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So winter in Mumbai finally....HAIL HOLY MERCURY indeed...nice way of putting it!!!ENJOY THE COLD LAZY MORNINGS WITH A WARM CUP OF TEA/COFFEE PREF...

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