Thursday, December 2, 2010

Greater good?

They say whatever happens, happens for a greater good. I am seeking the greater good in the past few events that have occurred in the past few days.

If I take the example of my yet to arrive passport OR my lack of inclination towards TOEFL OR even an unresponsive Symbiosis International University.... There was a time when everything happened quickly - the selection, submission of documents, police verification of passport etc.  and I (rather my intuition) said "This is materializing. Everything is falling into place."

If I mention my internship, I was hoping for more work. Two weeks down the line, I don't seem to have done anything substantial. A movie was on the cards and it got scrapped this morning. I was so looking forward to shoot and edit, script and all ready.

If I mention spending time with my friends, that does not seem to happen either. My social life is restricted to lonely walks in the colony. Maybe a few conversations on sms and random plans on facebook. So its me and my loyal TV set most of the times. Or maybe this blog and the internet.

The internet has further worsened my life. Seems to work well in office, gets upset at home. 

So what is the reason all this is happening?
What is the greater good?

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