Saturday, December 11, 2010

For ol' times sake

Sports day was held at school today. Many of my batchmates went and had a great time revisiting the old days, reconnecting with their old friends. Yes, the main attraction was the ex-students race. But I didn't go. There was an excitement about going. But maybe I don't belong there anymore, never felt a sense of belonging there. I have loved Xaviers more than UHS, SIMC more than Xaviers... this has been a common phenomena with me and one more of my close pals. We love our colleges better than school.

Indeed I enjoyed my school days. Some old jokes that we still laugh on. Some nicknames that we still use on eachother. Some lasting friendships that exist till this day. Somehow, there is a disconnect. I found thicker friends and thicker relationships in my college. My family's absence in Pune and the 'friends=family phenomenon' may have contributed to this mentality.

I will be meeting them all again on 18th, at the colony mela. Yes, I love the, rides, handicrafts and!!! =D And reunions are fun when they are once in a while and not once in every week. So the excitement of catching up on the old times stays on till the 18th ;-)
I had a kind of reunion with two of my friends from Xaviers. We met, talked and talked and talked and ate... Huge plans on for the 26th of December. And we met at the strangest of places after two years...a hospital, courtesy my OPD appointment.
These growing up years!!!

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