Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Expressive love

More than Amitabh and Rekha as an on screen couple in Bollywood, I adore Sanjeev and Jaya. Their movies together, though not many..... be it the timeless Anamika, the emotionally captivating Koshish, the action packed Sholay, the simple Nauker or even the moral Silsila, make one fall in love all over again. After the release of Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, many Sanjeev- Jaya fans still feel that they should have ditched their respective spouses in Silsila and got together. 
I watched 'Koshish' on tube last night....starring Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bacchhan, Asrani, Dina Pathak, Om Shivpuri...
A brainchild of Gulzar.

The storyline follows the courtship of a deaf-mute couple, Aarti (Jaya Bhaduri) and Hari (Sanjeev Kumar), as well as the meeting and inclusion of their dearest friend, a police officer blinded in an accident. This interesting friendship is one of many relationships that Gulzar uses to question various ideas of what it means to be able to communicate and whether that gift is truly respected and appreciated.
Communicating through notes, eyes, hand gestures can indeed bring a tear to one's eyes. I have seen many real time deaf and mute couples and the love, adoration and concern that they share is best without words. They understand each other in ways better than us, who have the ability to converse and express verbally.
Their feelings are simple. They needn't say those three golden words or even hear it...they just know.

Truly, Love transcends all....
It occurs like a billion stars exploring beyond realms of the mundane universe, music in all cells of the body, tingling nerves, in infinite universe when two people find a reason to merge their essence into celebration.

Feels wonderful to be in love!!

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