Monday, December 27, 2010

Bribe me a bar

Chocolate, you get me craving for you. My ultimate sin! Your brown bosom tempts get me soooo wild!
Ahem, before you judge me... I wonder how can some people hate chocolate. How can they survive a lifetime without it. The sinful taste, the melting luscious beauty. The ultimate bedroom fantasy.
I hate chocolates with nuts in it. I find them an interference. And white chocolate does not really get me high.
I love the dark ones, the bitter ones...the ones that arouse senses and get you addicted.
Bars, melted, grated, frozen... yummm!!!

PS: If only I got paid to have Galaxy for breakfast, Cadbury Caramel for lunch and Swiss thins for dinner followed by a bitter dark chocolate dessert.
Skinny dipping in chocolate does not sound like a bad idea either ;-)

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