Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Biologically practical

Ahh! the 4 hour long Biology pracs at Xavier's!

Dissections in junior college were exciting. The lab assistant ('lab-ass' as we called 'em) would come with lovely fat worms or a plastic bag full of cockroaches every Friday during Biology practicals. It used to be one week of Botany and the other of Zoology. Similarly our Botany teacher plucked leaves from her garden and got them for our practicals. So, one Friday was spent in peeling leaves and 'mounting the stomatal layer' on slides. The other week was spent cutting earthworms (in 11th) and cockroaches (in 12th). And the dissection box apparatus would put even a surgeon to shame.

I remember getting a slide home and showing it to my parents and saying "see, earthworm ovaries", "see, cockroach skin"... much to their disgusted looks. My slides used to be pretty neat and my dissections accurate. I remember screwing up during my exams though. I cut the cockroach the wrong way, but pinned it up in a way that 'kisi ko pataa nahin chalaa' ;-)

Bio lab was my favourite... I grafted plants there, planted and grew some plants there, saw cockroaches struggling for life in soapwater, drew the best diagrams of my life (you have to be an artist if you take bio)...frogs, lizards, fishes, birds, plants... still have my Biology journal to flaunt 'em. I love the subject till date! And the regular wars between the Botany teacher and the Zoology Sir were 'entertaining'. Pracs were always pre-lunch. Tiring and strenuous enough to get us hungry.

Today my ex-lab partner (now doing her 2nd year MBBS) tells me that she misses me a lot. Reason? Her new lab partner cuts off all the arteries during the anatomy practicals ;-)

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