Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Come on beta, leave the laptop now. Eat your breakfast in 10 minutes and leave. Kya kaam tha? Kiska phone tha? Arrey when will you sleep. Chalo wake up, wake up or you will get late. Why do you shop at this mall? Arrey why go this salon, our neighbour has a parlour. Why don't you teach me word and powerpoint, what is this ctrl+alt+del? Why do you read in the dark? You talk a lot on that phone. Don't go anywhere after office, come home directly. Why you need a walk? you are already thin! Shee!!! don't touch that dog, it bites, it is mad. Why don't you join us for shopping? I had told you to keep the plates in the balcony after eating, why did you leave it here? Is this a dharamshaala that you will do things at your own convenience? I wish my daughter was like you ...(after 5 hours) ....after you have come, my daughter's schedule has got disrupted. Did you sweep the room before laying the mattress? Let uncle and bhaiyya eat first. Why don't you cook for us today? Here is the washing powder, go wash your clothes. Don't use the washing machine, uncles clothes are put for washing. Come, let's go and buy vegetables. What will you do for lunch? Do you come home only to sleep?

I have faced this, now someone else very close to me is facing it...
What is the link? The same city.

But you will find these 'aunties' anywhere and everywhere. They are an abundant, constantly nagging and atrociously curious species blessed with a high ranging decibel in their vocal chords.

I so hate their breed!!! >_<

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