Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Type Hype

New poem in Hindi
Feel sooooo happy =)
I am supposed to be researching. I am.
Just took a tiny one hour break to write it out.
I love typing........only when it comes to blogging/chatting/mailing

Field trip reports submission!!! Is this not a usual trend at the end of every semester? Wish I had a great memory to remember break timings, articles in a museum, names of printers, names of stalls and shops, food I ate 2 months back at the trips, name of the hotels etc etc.

So what can I expect the college to get?
147 reports of same copy pasted matter from the net on Shaniwarwada and artifacts stored in the Kelkar museum. Some originality can be expected in the second report, no location to copy paste from ;-)

Hope I manage to come up with a decent report.......there is so much to type anyway in the next 5 weeks time. :P

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