Sunday, November 28, 2010

To piracy or not to piracy?

Torrent makes life easy, but a bad net connection makes it worse. So what if your plan is unlimited?

I need Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, need it desperately. Pirate bay and Demonoid have expired versions, so where am I to get my copy from? To think, my movie is for a campaign against piracy :P
I am definitely not practicing what I would preach.

I finally downloaded an antivirus. The online one - avast. It works just well. It found 14 threats on my laptop after 2 hours of a full scan. Its ok temporarily for a month. I am waiting to get a copy from my hostel wi-fi administrator. He'll install it and do the needful and no tensions for a year. My main concerns now are Winzip, Premiere Pro and Lightroom 3....maybe even Photoshop CS5 (let's see).

I have to get all these things sorted when I am here. Once in Pune, it'll be bye-bye torrent, bye-bye downloading. The hostel wi-fi blues would begin again.

I have been sleeping a lot these days. Like 9 - 10 hours. Must get my body clock tuned before next year.

Lazy Sundays!!! ;-)

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