Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snooze time

Volvos are sooo irritating!!
Shivneri is the best.
A common perception for any Mumbaikar traveling to and fro from Pune. At one point even the beautiful looking expressway with its serene climate and enchanting greenery get boring. But the joy of going back home surpasses all the boredom. The anticipation for home cooked food...yummmmm!!
The heavy, unavoidable luggage that needs to be carried to and fro. Quite a muscle flexing task. The whirring and rolling wheels under the heavy ones give some respite. Reminds me of the olden times when students going to boarding schools carried huge metal trunks and slept on bunk-beds.
Still does not seep in that I actually have "no work" for the next five days, My internship starts only on the 22nd. Till then I am a free bird. Time to hibernate and take all the possible rest and sleep that I have missed in the past one week of continuous papers.
Overall, I have traveled a lot in the past 15 days. Just realized that.....

Off to doze off now....and later wake to some awesome dinner...."Love You Mamma!!!" ;-)

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