Friday, November 19, 2010

Scanning through the Scandal sheets

Early morning chai with a crispy newspaper. A good way to start your day. You read with a serious look on your face waiting in anticipation to imbibe all that is going on around you, near and far. Until you come across those funny articles and advertisements, that take all the seriousness away. This is what I came across in today's newspaper.
1. Bigg Boss case: Who said children sleep at 11pm?
2. World Toilet day: Why? Because Domex paid for a solus ad on the first page of the Times of India.
3. FB causes asthma attacks: Where did that come from?
And after all these pieces I proceed to read on about the fire in Bandra, The Asian Games, Bus and train accidents, National Integration Day etc etc.
Just loved one piece in today's newspaper.
Antimatter captured for the first time by CERN scientists.
Reading a newspaper is a different experience altogether.
At least it is better than scary looking crime investigators who claim to give you goosebumps, tolerating repeated visuals with red circles adorning them or watching magic shows and remedies, ALL on Indian news channels.
The journalism I study in college and the real Indian journalism are so poles apart!

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