Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reality and dreams

It is scientifically proven that we often dream of people we have not seen in ages, of places that were visited a long time back. Last night I saw a dream that was so much for real 6 months back in time. I saw Ahmedabad, the NGO where I interned, the chase to get a bus, the crowded streets of Lal Darwaza, the people I was staying with, the monuments I visited, the sandstorms ...
It is now time for my second year internship in a CSR. Unlike Ahmedabad my current place of work is quite close to home, infact right behind where I stay, but the problem, a shut gate :P

I report to work at 10:30 am tomorrow. Hope the place is as impressive as its website.
Three Idiots playing on Sony TV. Dad and I have a fetish for watching movies again and again and again. Mom prefers watching a movie only once. She loves Colors, Dad loves Set Max. Me, I loved TV once upon a time. I now stick to music channels, news channels or maybe a sitcom on Sab TV or Star World. Can't stand Colors, Star Plus, India TV etc etc. SIMC effect?
But I do love watching Bigg's kinda entertaining ;-)

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