Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I can see flashes of light in the it is not an airplane
I wonder if I am gonna see them tonight. I know they exist in the deepest darkest realms of this Universe. Drake nearly found them (in a way)
The moon is a crescent tonight. Looks so serenading!!
Me and my romantic thoughts...

Had my first exam today...the days don't seem like exam days. In school, exams meant chaos, sleepless nights, carrying piles of notebooks, Nightmares!!
The entire essence seems to be lost now. We go in the hall, write our generalized perceptions and return. Thankfully the days of mugging up and vomiting on paper have become extinct. I so love what I am studying.... Indian Culture, Photography, Radio, Television, Film making, Journalism ?,
not really world history, sociology and political science
And yes, the ghost of EVS lingers around even in my SY.

I am free from all bondages on the 15th of this month......sooo waiting to go back, sleep, watch TV, and of course....
Mumbai =)

Feel unpoetic...hence the messed up broken chain of thoughts .... it's random anyway ;-)

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