Monday, November 29, 2010


When I was around 7 I knew all the Parsee prayers by heart. It was Persian. I used to say them blindly without thinking twice what they meant. It was a series of about 10 prayers in a line. I had learnt them repeating after dad. I learnt the rosary praying with Mom. That was till English. Thus there was a time in my life when I knew just too many prayers. 

And then I stopped praying, started talking. Talking before sleeping, after waking up, when alone. In school we had morning prayers where I learnt shlokas and hymns. During Christmas we were taught hymns for the Christmas day programme. In college, the practice evaporated away.

Today, my family says the rosary before dinner. I observe that my hard-core Parsee dad has learnt all the prayers from Christianity, he can say the rosary like a pro. He says his prayers too. Mom never tried learning the Persian prayers. In the initial days it was fun when he used to falter and mom used to lovingly correct his words. 

I am the most non-religious person in the house that way. I enjoy decorating the altar, putting up flowers and lighting candles and diyas. In times of trouble or confusion, I hold the Bible and open any page and start reading. I have got hidden messages and solutions many-a-times this way.
God and I still have our little conversations – some happy, some sad, some romantic, some funny jokes, some serious talk…
Amen to that

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Aprajita said...

I personally feel that a true religious person is only who has that little conversations with God.. :)
The best way to connect to God is to have those little conversations with Him just like a friend.. :)

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