Saturday, November 27, 2010

A picture in my mind

I love the way water paints spread themselves over canvas or thick textured papers.
I painted's the first picture that comes to my mind when I say I wanna paint something

A yellowish-pinkish-orangish-red sky, bluish green waters reflecting the warm sun with tints of yellow.
This dried background then imposed with silhouettes in black. A couple sitting by the shore and observing the setting sun. The background bears a tall lighthouse and many palm trees......
Ahh!! pictures are so diffficult to describe in words. You can claim to understand me if you are able to visualize this perfectly ;-)
You know what's different about this couple? They ain't human....they are a lion and a lioness.
Why animals? Coz they have no world beyond each other.....we humans do. No wonder we can't spend enough time with nature or even each other.

There is an emptiness, a feeling of loss and an empty space in this picture. The brush strokes too seem haphazard. Strangely I feel morose from within too. Off late, there have been a lot of minor setbacks and disappointments.

Paintings indeed reflect inner most thoughts.

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