Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peace =)

I finally reached Goa at 7:30 am
Its sooooooooo peaceful here. Just like a typical house away from the mad city.
No phone network at all, unless I go onto the main road. Internet, yes, but it does not work on my laptop. Ancestral home =)

Meeting my cousins after 10 years. And since then it has been an awesome time ....leg pulling, talking on old days, eating food cooked on firewood, typical goan "sheet kodi"......avvoii!!!
Teasing about each other's love lives. One of them getting married in January on my birthday.
And of course, my aunt and her lovely flower making and creative skills.
Will be meeting grandma and Tevory tomorrow. Looking forward to that and a million other plans.

Goa has changed. Margao, Panaji, Mapusa look ever so lively. Would so love to settle here in the sedentary years of my life. Keep loads of pets and plants. I love Goa.
All day out day after to Panaji.

The statue of Our Lady left for the next neighbourhood today. Family prayers after ages. Pune has so spoilt me.

I start clicking pics tomorrow....there is so much to click indeed...
I dont have return tickets

Ah!!! gtg, see a pig in the garden ;-)

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