Friday, November 26, 2010

Patience and practicality

 Why do all moms shout in the morning, that the tea is getting cold, so get up fast and brush your teeth? Why even cold tea tastes good (I guess)...

Why do all bosses give skimpy deadlines as though their poor workers have no other work or priority apart from their professions?

It is strange to see wives so impatient about their husbands in the loo. What happens when a husband waits nearly an hour for his wife to get ready?

Then comes the entire practice of banging spoons on plates on a dining table. The long wait for food. Hungry stomachs and sharp noses add to the chaos.

Want to get a passport made, really urgently? The fastest is a week. Says who? I have waited for nearly 4 weeks and it is still 'arriving'.

Traffic jams in Mumbai. That requires a llllloooooootttttttttttttttt of patience. Even a three lane highway can be terribly jammed. Resort to trains? You think you'll get an empty space in a 6pm local?

If you are in a medical profession, you really need a lot of patience. How can a doctor expect his patient to be cracking jokes while he is poking a needle into him? How can he expect the patient to not scream or shout in a procedure without anaesthesia ?

You want to meet someone who is a part of you. But you see no chances of meeting up until say a month. You can't live on messages, calls and emails. Are you being practical?

If you are a school Principal or a trustee, would you wait for the parents to pay up their kid's school fees or would you act impulsive and take them under house arrest (like two primary schools in Mumbai just did)?

And if you want to buy a house in a metro, even patience does not help. Being practical and aiming for the suburbs would be a feasible option.

Aren't these activities the pressure points of one's life? We end up getting our BPs high on these.
Everything under the sun requires a little dose of patience and a tinge of practicality. Invest in patience, be practical, the returns just keep getting better.

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