Thursday, November 25, 2010

Paint or Knit or Read or What?

I am in a mood to paint today. Paint in water colours. I need cartridge paper, maybe even a canvas. The brushes and paints are all ready.
Let's see...a dash of blue hues interspersed with dabs of yellow for the sky. Sharp green strokes arising from the bottom for grass. Earthy browns mixed with water to mingle with the greens. Black slashes across the blue sky.
Or maybe, a canvas painted in light warm orangish hues totally and then overlapped with opaque black silhouettes - of tress, people, birds, mountains....

Maybe I should just sit and knit something - for starters, a hairband or maybe a mobile cover.
My ultimate dream would be to knit a lovely sweater - a lovely maroon sweater ;-)
Here again, I can't find those needles  >_<

Or should I just settle to read an Archie comic? But...I have read them all at home.

Or should I just watch some TV?
Nothing sensible when I tuned in 5 minutes back.

Maybe a walk in the colony, pretty pleasant outside. But heck, going alone is boring. No one is around too.

Vacations, being home, spoils me soooo much!
Soo many choices...and an internship to deal with :P

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