Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Kiddo

Thats my cutie pie..the youngest now on my maternal side =)

My li'l cousin who brought back the smile on my face after very gruesome day ........
after I saw my Grandma for the last time...on her deathbed, fought with my relatives and cried my heart out

It was strange when you shouted 'Oh fuck' ......and Dusha and I got scared that the blame would come on us for teaching you that........and then when we asked you "who says that?", you innocently said "mamma says"

And when I played with you, it reminded me of the days when I was 3 and Dusha was 8, and we ran on Colva beach and the mud slides in Margao Garden.

I know you hate your Grandma (my grand aunt), well, I hate her too....

And that's how I used to sit on my grandma's tummy when I was your age

my lil sweetheart...I so want you to grow in front of me =/

And only a few of us know what 'Mintoo' is ;-)

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