Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Whoever said miracles are unpredictable? Is it a myth in the garb of reality?

There are some areas in life where you know miracles can happen. Even the biggest mistake becomes a boon in disguise. You trip and fall and yet are held in the air by an unknown force - your past deeds, ancestral blessings, luck ... whatever! Fortune favours you in the best and worst of times.

They are some dark areas that go beyond repair. Even a miracle refuses to step into those areas. So what do you do with these dark areas? Discard them (No, you can't do without them), Ignore them (till they get on your nerves), Be optimistic (with no source of hope, think positive), Wait (and wait and wait and wait)...
Question: Why create these dark areas in the first place? Even you fail to answer this question. Maybe they just create themselves.

Some dark areas in my life: My mobile phone, Hostel wi-fi, Mess food, Dreams (rather nightmares) and the latest entrant to the list is MTNL broadband :P

So you know when,where, how, why and with whom you can expect a, whoever said miracles are unpredictable?

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