Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lost and Found

For a gem of a person, my cousin, Dusha

You brought back my childhood days. Gave me glimpses of all that was lost in the past 19 years. Wish we were 'real'. Wish we grew up together.
Some nights are indeed pretty...especially when you find your soul talking to front of you. You can only hear its voice in the darkness...time it flew that night.
Cherishing all those moments when you held my hand and dragged me from busy market places, to crowded buses to shop for things that didn't even concern you. Every time I see those anklets I am gonna remember you. Every time I see a movie theatre, I'll remember you waking me up and telling me that lets rather watch a favorite movie together at home. Everytime I see a CCD, I'll remember how much you love coffee and how much trouble your choice of drink caused me. ;-) Every time I wake up at 8, I am gonna miss you telling me you woke up at 6, had your breakfast and have been up since then.
From brushing teeth together, to crying my guts out, to laughing on crazy things, to gross conversations, to giving empty chocolate wrappers after dinner, to praying together, to loo talks, to controversial moments and photos and what nots...all in 3days
I am gonna miss you 'Bigtime' =(
Know this, dear, that I am proud of you! For what you are and what you have faced, with pride. I regret I was not by your side. Don't know what to blame...time or situation
But all this does not stop me from being the bridesmaid for your wedding ;-)
Don't know when I'll meet you next. Hope it's soon...alongwith 'daalu' this time ;-)

Thanks for making my Goa trip so insightful.

And yes...The Gods must be crazy...for all that happened to me, to you, to us

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Ashlon said...

it was truly memorable 3 days which i will cherish forever..

got me thinking how good life wud have been had we all been ...

Will smile for years to come everytime i remember the phrases like "bore disota" "muj avoi" "pota dukota" :P

thanks for this wondeful post n hope that gods go crazy again very soon :)

hopin to c u soon...very soon...Miss u!!

November 7, 2010 at 1:03 PM

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