Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life Demands and How!

Life and its demands can get so weird. When you ask for something, you get the opposite. When you need leisure, you can't think of getting it. When you are desperate to work there is nothing to practically keep you busy. And our irrationality does not even bother to question life. We quietly give in to boredom or busyness.

I keep getting these urges. To eat chocolates at 3am, for Mumbai to get snow at 12 noon, to own a time machine, to invent or possess a gadget that can make me invisible and transport me to places within a fraction of a second. I wish I had a clone who would replace me at the hostel, magical powers that could do all my work at the snap of fingers. There are times that I wish time flew to the future or drifted back in the past. There are times when I want the present moment to just stop and stay. There are times when I wish I didn't exist, times I wish I was immortal.

Yes, life and its demands....they get so weird!

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