Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lady in Red

 "You look beautiful tonight, I will never forget how you look tonight, I will never forget this night."
And the lady in red stood there, laughing, "You asked for it." The heart is indeed so fickle-minded. Emotions can indeed get so complicating. Did she sense this?
Those eyes, they never lie...They can't lie...
That one look, says it all

Of course, it was an incomprehensive surge, an eternal feeling, a realisation ....Of course it was love. 
But how could he? She was not his...She could never be his... 
She was long gone away from the oblivion of life, she was taken away by someone's majestic wings. He knew that.

And he, stood unabashed, undefeated...still proud of being in love with her

Yes she loved too, and she cared. And there was nothing like the way she adored him. 
Just one thought running in her mind.... 

"Someone out there means bad news to you.
I don't know who, I don't know where, I don't know how?
The recovery from the fall would be tough. I hope you get to know...soon" 

Who was she to predict? was this meant for him?
who was she to look so beautiful? who was she?
"His lady in red"

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