Saturday, November 20, 2010

In the name of the Father

Looks like I have another exam after the main college ones....learning up a set of prayers.
For? Well, Baptism.

Yes, I am getting baptized at an age when most faithful Catholics are done with their 'Confirmation ceremonies'. The best part is I know most of these prayers apart from the Commandments, stations of the Cross, and the mysteries of the Rosary. Have to learn it all up by 3pm today. Mom says if the Father thinks you know all the prayers, you won't have to attend Baptism classes (classes!!!!!!!!!!! )

The whole purpose behind Baptism is that it washes away the sin of intercourse (in Christianity).
How does it affect me? I get a Baptism Certificate.
I might have to go to church regularly (if I am in Pune, say once a month coz that's all I can manage), say the rosary every night (it barely takes 10 minutes), fast for Lent (that is so not me, and I don't think that is mandatory anyway) and I get buried after I die(as last rites).

Next step: Maybe going for Confession or Confirmation (Mom knows)
At the end  of it all, at least my parents are happy...very happy. 

At this stage what I am clueless about is
  • In future, do I have to baptize my kids?
  • Do I compulsorily have to have a church marriage?
  • How often am I supposed to go for Confession?
There are many people to answer these ;-)

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