Friday, November 12, 2010

The golden era

My favorite song as on 12/11/2010. Hearing it for the 9th time now.
Yeh raat bheegi bheegi, yeh mast fizaayein
Utha dheere dheere voh chaand pyaara pyaara
Kyoon aag si lagaake gumsum hai chaandni
Sone bhi nahin deta mausam ka yeh ishaara

Ithlaati hawa, neelam sa gagan
Kaliyon pe yeh behoshi ki nami
Aise mein bhi kyoon bechain hai dil
Jeevan mein na jaane kya hai kami

Jo din ke ujaale mein na mila
Dil dhoonde aise sapne ko
Is raat ki jagmag mein doobi
Main dhoond rahi hoon apne ko

Aise mein kahin kya koi nahin
Bhoole se jo humko yaad kare
Ek halki si muskaan pe jo
Sapnon ka jahan aabaad kare

Some songs are so beautifully composed and meaningful. Find them so apt for the time and situation......and the music keeps playing over and over in your head =)
Sometimes I wish I was born in the 40s. Life was so simple, everything so crystal clear....a golden era indeed
History tomorrow.... so love the past, the 'old' long as it is Indian

High on old songs ! Who cares about exams anyway? They come and go ;-)

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@shlon said...

if u dont care about your exams...the same exam will keep coming again and again :P


Even if I don't like them, I end up doing justice enough not to get a backlog and repeat them :P

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