Thursday, November 18, 2010


Feelin so game since morning =)
In school, we had a separate period for PT and games. Catch and cook, Kabaddi, Ball games, Racing etc etc
Games! that You and I played... and still play.

I am yearning to play that game again, the game where we both wait for eachother's moves. Where each move leads you to a revelation, where each move solves a puzzle.
Whats the name again?.... Aah!
Chess !!!
It is a manipulative game of manipulative people. Each move is planned, each step has a reason.
No, it is not played between innocent fawns and big bad wolves. It is played between people who are poised  with great mental abilities.

And this time I won't settle for chasing game of tag or a card game like rummy or even a slow game of pool.
Hope to meet you soon, that same chess table.

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