Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dynamics of love

If I'd say dancing around trees, singing songs on mountain peaks, kissing behind flowers, giving your mother's bangles to your beloved, gallons of tears are all ingredients of a love story, you'd be well...shocked!
I have been watching a lot of old Hindi movies off late. These seem to be a common thread in most of them. And it is soooo different from modern day romantic flicks. The dynamics of love have changed, drastically.

No, I won't compare a 'Ghar' to a 'Kalyug' and the concept of a loving husband. I won't compare a 'Khatta Meetha' to 'Golmaal 3' or how the definition of comedy has changed over the years. Well, movie tickets did not cost more than Rs. 5 back then.

However, if only I could remember when did we have our first rain dance on the streets ? ;-)

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