Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 1 @ Work

It was my first day at work at Nasscom Foundation. I met a resource person Mrs.Gouri Raverkar. It was the usual reading of brochures, understanding of the CSR internship. Thankfully she was very keen on my area of study, my subjects and work was assigned accordingly. It was just 3 hours at work today. I can work for the rest of the week from home because it is basic Googling and Research. The office was set up 6 months back and they did not have a system for me to work on.
The following is my tasklist for the next 5 weeks of internship.
The project I am working on is called Big Bridge. To summarise it collects used computers, refurbishes them and provides them to NGOs with a licensed Microsoft version installed.
  • Prepare a research report of recycling and refurbishing computers for the Big Bridge project
  • Compare HP, Dell, Nasscom and their methods of tackling e-waste
  • Get in touch with corporates and members of Nasscom and get their feedback on the donated computers for Big Bridge. Draft a questionnaire and conduct telephonic feedback.
  • Complete a report made by a previous intern. She took NGO feedback. I am supposed to do the Corporate bit.
  • Make a 5 minute movie on the Big Bridge programme
  • I also have to market the Big Bridge programme for them in a way that more corporates choose Big Bridge over selling their machines to a local scrap dealer.
  • Make a presentation of my findings and suggestions to a board of Nasscom members after say 3 weeks.
No stipend.
Office timings otherwise : 930am to 6pm
  • I am getting the office Camcorder to make the movie and Gouri takes me to the places I am supposed to shoot. No fending for myself. All I have to arrange on my own is an editing software and a decent script.
  • Flexible work atmosphere. I am mostly working from home for this week.
  • Few people and peaceful environment, close to home.
I'm lovin it!

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