Tuesday, November 23, 2010

100% virtual?

Are all dreams 100 percent virtual?

I saw this huge house. Around 5 rooms parallel to each other. Located right next to a hill. The first room seemed to be mine, the second was mom and dad's, the third of a lady I don't know personally but I have seen her on TV, the fourth my Grandma's and the fifth....a burial room where my great grandmother rests is peace. I saw some of my 8th standard batchmates wearing the Symbi blazer. We sat at a huge table and ate. We ran up and down the hills. This huge house faces the road. My other maternal relatives have their houses somewhere behind ours along a bylane cutting the main road. This house is eerie, ghostly. There is a common balcony around all the rooms. A balcony of withered plants and flowers. The house is movable. You can push it to stick to the road. It is almost buried under the ground, surrounded by hills and the road runs along its roof.
The worst part, you don't know its a dream that you can question
  • Burial at home?
  • A TV celeb?
  • School friends in Symbi uniform?
There was a dream where I saw my hostel and the College in Hillside colony (where I stay in Mumbai). I saw six black huge circles across the orange sky while driving on the road beside Powai lake on my bike. I saw a lady in white on a Mumbai beach, the beach had gates....incidentally it was the same ghostly figure I saw in an episode of Aahat that day. Blah! the list is endless...

I begin my morning with weird dreams like these. My subconscious mind needs a serious clean-up. Its been ages since I saw a happy and sensible dream.

What you see in you dreams has some relevance to what you come across daily. Be it shapes, structures, colours, situations, people etc. I run in my dreams, I fall through unknown depths, I get the feeling that I am gliding through a red space.....strangely I don't wake up fresh, I wake up tired, as though I had lived those activities for real.
Dream analysis, dream reading, mind mapping.....it's fun!

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