Monday, October 18, 2010


"Sherry, I am going."
Can never forget those words...
So wished I was by his side
The last phone conversation, never heard him after that

Life is indeed so temporary
I so wish to meet you up there .... I so want you to greet me when I leave this materialistic world
I know you are happy...I know you are His chosen One
But you left so many grieving behind

Yes, I do hope you are reborn... in some form, somewhere, sometime
And we shall meet your world or mine

My close buddy Aniruddha Bhogle (09/05/1991 - 22/04/2009)

All this makes me fear, can I take the pain of separation, of death?
Every relation you create on Earth is temporary because life never came with the immortality tag

But some people in life make you love it so much!!
You say to yourself, "I wanna live"
Atleast me or anyone would wanna die before their loved ones. You can watch them safe from up there, guide them and welcome them when they die

These days I have been reading a lot about afterlife and the spirit world. Surprisingly all my intuitions are coming true.
Is that the reason for this psychic outburst?

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