Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Angel

He waits for me to come. He asks for me everyday. He has only heard my voice over the phone. He keeps babbling, "Come to Goa". He keeps asking for bread. He gets scared of 'bumbas' (ghosts in his baby language). He loves my parents more than his. He is affectionate and loving and neglected...

He is the youngest in the family until I was two years ago. He is lanky, tall and intelligent. You can only see his eyes. He loves dogs and catches them by their tails. And I am so sure we'll have the same taste in choice of people. We hate the same people, we love the same people.

Gosh!! there is so much I have heard about him. From dad, from mom.

My two year old cousin, Tevory. I have never met him, seen only pictures of him. Heard his shy voice over the phone....
Dying to meet you my angel =)
Dying to see a glimpse of my own childhood days.

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