Friday, October 15, 2010


You'll create a world of fantasy

Where its all rosy, beautiful

But you'll be jolted back to reality, soon

Your eyes will wander in quest

For a vision that made your day

But darkness will greet you

You'll search the warmth of compassion

Of the voice that were once music to you

But silence is all you'll hear

You'll seek proximity of mind and body

Of your soul, your reflection, your shadow

But distance is all you'll get

You'll crave for understanding, encouragement

A bigger hand to hold yours

But alone you'll stand

You'll wish that the past rewinds

The return of joyous moments

But time will betray you and walk ahead

You'll try to determine the depth of love

Though blind, yet not ignorant

But you'll never know

You'll read this poem and wonder

Is this meant for me or have I wronged someone

But will you ever realize?

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