Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yes I am a Kid
I love sitting on swings
I love eating chocolates and ice-creams
I love talking lame things
I let you parent me
I break balloons on birthdays
I laugh on the silliest of jokes
I am immature
I don't understand grown up things
I am with the 'lame' company

And You think you are grown up
Because you are 'mature'
Because you talk grown up talks
Because you stay with people who are grown up
Because you ridicule a lot that kids love
Because you are always right

And why do kids and grown ups have this great divide between them?

they both have different definitions of fun
they both have different people to be with
they both have different jobs at hand
they both ridicule eachother's choices than respecting them

but don't they have a lifetime to spend together?
How do they end up doing that?

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