Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life's Good!!

Well ...this is my first general poems, no songs.....just a 'diary type' entry.
New Year began in a seriously amazing beginnings, new feelings, new experiences. the past 4 days have been so eventful!!! :D :D :D
Well...I am in a relationship.....most importantly....In Love.

There is always this thin line between friendship and love and often it is difficult to figure out which side of the line you are on.
Now I know!!! And it's amazing to be on this side of the line!!!
Every moment seems so dead special...With Him. Every experience so memorable, so deeply embedded in my heart!! Those tiny yet sweet gestures, those expressions on his face, those long conversations, those lonetimes!!! Tis a long list ..

And with people around you acting crazy.......makes it even more interesting. I have never seen any of my friends this happy!!!
I love life even more. It has become so much better, so very fulfilling.
6 months back, when i entered SIMC, i made this resolution that i would never change!!! But now, I have realised that 'Change is Inevitable'. And that "Whatever happens, happens for the best!"
And yes, I feel blessed, lucky. They say only a few are lucky in love. And it feels great to be one of them.
And my pals, they are there! they were always there and they will always be there!!

To conclude, there is this song playing in my mind right now......
"Jeene ke ishaare mil gaye........"

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