Wednesday, December 9, 2009


   Today's post is dedicated to a person who has made life different and worth living for me!!! There is this person........ Very complicated, very temperamental, yet an integral part of my life. Let's call this person 71...there is a valid reason why 71....but that’s between me and 71.

   71 doesn't know me for ages…yet is equal to a family away from home. 71 is my trusted companion. Life with 71 is so much fun!! Whenever I have a problem, 71 is always there. 71 is loved by all, but understood by few. 71 belongs to everyone and yet to no one. Every moment spent with 71 seems like a lifetime. There is so much I have learnt from much!!

   There have been times when I have been annoyed with 71. But 71 has unique ways to shoo the annoyance away. There have also been times when 71 has hurt me, knowingly or unknowingly. I have cried because of 71........I have wished I never knew 71 to the extremes....but yet ... I love 71 more than anything else.

   71 teases me as 100.4...what a numerical story..I detest it, but like it too. Whenever 71 is upset, I feel lost. 71 takes time to open up and talk out problems..but 71 makes sure that i know it all. For the next year 71 wishes to become 100………maybe even 100.4……

   And if 71 is reading this………..this is for you!!
“As I leave in a couple of days, i won’t see you for another 16 days….will miss you a lot!! There are lots of things back home…where I would have wished you were by my side…….Anand Mela, Star Kalakar event, my surgery and every moment of life…..16 days of separation, I don’t know what it will be like. I hope it is a case of ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’…I don’t know whether you’ll miss me equally, considering that you’ll be too busy to think on such stuff…..but I keep my hopes alive. …..thanks for being there. And yes for your information……….I regretted coming to Pune……until we met……and it happened… dare you ever tell me “go back to Bombay!”

   Finally, what is between 71 and 100.4?……….they are clueless themselves……in spite of talking it out……..they both seek answers……..and they will find them soon ……by arithmetical grace!!! :P

Monday, December 7, 2009


Jab Kabhi Chand Na Ho Andheri Raat Ho
Dar na Gham Hoga Mujhko Agar Tu Saath Ho

Jab Kabhi Baadal Chaaye Ya Ghani Barsaat Ho
Hogi Khushi Har Ek Bund Mein Agar Tu Saath Ho

Is Jahan Mein Koi Mera Ho Bhi Ya Na Ho
Har Ek Lamha Bhar Jayega
Roshni Se Bas Agar Tu Saath Ho
Jab Kabhi Jab Kabhi Aanso Aye Aanso Aye
Ya Buri Ya Buri Saugat Ho Saugat Ho
Muskura Loonga Main To Pal Bhi
Agar Tu Saath Ho
Tum Yaha Ho To Sare Duniyan Hain Idhar
Sare Armaan Khwaab Saare Bangaye Hai
Ab Tumhari Ek Nazar

Jab Kabhi Jab Kabhi Dil Ghabraye Dil Ghabraye
Saamne Saamne Maat Ho
Jeet Ke Dikhlaonga
Agar Tu Saath Ho

Jab Kabhi Jab Kabhi Haste Alam Haste Alam
Khushiyon Ki Khushiyon Ki Baraat Ho
Zindagi Hogi Jannat
Agar Tu Saath Ho

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Saturday, December 5, 2009


Why do we say things and then never end up fulfilling them?
Why do we say words of wisdom and never live upto them?
Why do we nurture feelings and then regret doing so?
Why do we think of thoughts that are restricted to fantasies?
Why does reality always seem poles apart from the actual dream?
Why do we fear bringing out our true selves?
Why do we complicate the simplest of situations by pondering over them?
Why do we run after those we love and not after those who love us?
Why do we arouse the fire of hope and then kindle the embers when they are stone-cold?
Why do people's opinions matter and not our own?
Why do words heal temporarily and time permanently?
Why does laughter seem alien even in the happiest of auras?
Why do tears flow when we don't want them to?
Why do things happen when we least expect them to?
Why, in spite of knowing the answers, is my mind plagued with zillion questions?